Date: 31st July 2014

In this project food waste will be turned into raw biogas. RE Hydrogen system will then converts this raw biogas into clean biomethane and compressing it further up to 250bar. The biomethane will then be stored into a bank of gas cylinders for storage for refuelling of delivery vans by the end customer.

This complete system is packaged inside an 8ft x 8ft x 8ft shipping container comprising the 6Nm3/h gas upgrader, water treatment-regenerating plant, and a 250bar CNG compressor.  This system will produce enough biomethane to travel up to 425 miles per day by a Mercedes Sprinter van or similar types of vehicles, saving up to £78,000 over 3 years by replacing diesel fuel at the current price of £1.35/litre.

Delivery to Andover 1

Delivery to Andover 2

Delivery to Andover 3

This system has only three inlet connections and one outlet connection which take about an hour to connect them all onsite and subsequently run the system on full automatic mode, just by the press of a button.  This system has a cutting edge remote operation, control, and monitoring capability to switch on/off and operate the machine even from a mobile phone, or from RE Hydrogen’s remote control room using the proprietary interface of “REH-APP”. RE Hydrogen offers to their customer a peace of mind maintenance service of their products.

“This product is ultra-compact, containerised, comprising breakthrough technological innovation to unlock the vast potential of the biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas upgrading opportunities to produce clean biomethane for multiple applications like refuelling, energy storage and electricity generation” said Dr Amit Roy, CEO of RE Hydrogen.

REH Upgrader at Andover2

The upgraded biomethane will allow the usage of conventional lower cost natural gas powered gensets rather than specially made biogas genset. The cleaner biomethane will reduce the maintenance cost and reduce the down time of the plant. Moreover due to greater percentage of upgraded methane (i.e. about 95% CH4) the power output from the genset will be much greater, than using the raw biogas containing only 60-65% methane. All these additional benefits are effective to pay back for the capital cost of RE Hydrogen Ltd’s Biogas Upgrader within 3 years.

For more information please contact Amit Roy, on 078 388 72 678, or email,