Ambient pressure low cost electrolyser (5-50Nm3/h) under construction. RE Hydrogen is working to demonstrate these electrolysers at Dunsfold Park, Surrey, UK to produce green hydrogen powered by 42kW rooftop solar PV for CHP for heat and power and refuelling of cars.


In contrast the conventional complex pressurised electrolysers (from competitors) generally operates at around 10 bar pressure. But these 10 bar pressurised electrolysers still need a high pressure compressor to go up to any meaningful storage pressure i.e. 250 or 350bar. However the conventional hydrogen compressors are costly, require high maintenance and less efficient due to rapid wear and tear.┬áTherefore the current package i.e. “pressurised electrolyser + conventional compressor”┬áhas an inherent barrier for their widespread use.

RE Hydrogen has developed a better solution to potentially remove these barrier by a simpler and advanced package i.e. “ambient pressure stacks, integrated with their own novel gas cleaning compressor”, at a 70% lower cost than current products.