At RE Hydrogen we are working on four products: Biogas Upgrading and biomethane refuelling System, Hydrogen Compressor, CNG Compressor and Electrolysers. Please select from a menu item on the left to find out more. The primary focus at present is on the biogas upgrading and biomethane refuelling of vehicles.

The complete system as shown in the video as below is packaged inside an 8ft x 8ft x 8ft shipping container comprising the 6Nm3/h gas upgrader, water treatment-regenerating plant, and a 250bar CNG compressor.  This system will produce enough biomethane to travel up to 425 miles per day by a Mercedes Sprinter van or similar types of vehicles, saving up to £75,000 over 3 years by replacing diesel fuel.

This product is suitable for fleet-vehicles depot, farms, sewage treatment plants, forecourts of Supermarkets, and hotels for processing their foodwaste, dairy farms etc.

Transportation of RE Hydrogen’s portable biogas upgrading and biomethane refuelling system

(The phone number as shown in the video below has been changed)