RE Hydrogen’s products (electrolysers and compressors) are suitable for several markets spanning from onsite production of hydrogen and oxygen gas, energy storage and grid balancing, biogas compression & bio-methane upgrading.


RE Hydrogen is also working to build a hydrogen dispenser by using their own compressor at a significantly lower cost than costly H2- refueller on the market. This can also be used for CNG (compressed natural gas) and refuelling of hythane fuel (i.e. 5% hydrogen mixed with natural gas). RE Hydrogen has ongoing pilot projects with industrial partners for field trials in these sectors.

Market 1: Onsite hydrogen and oxygen production

Currently the majority of the hydrogen market is served by gas supply companies. RE Hydrogen is well positioned with their collaboration with industrial partners to introduce low carbon hydrogen into the market via BOC’s distribution network.

RE Hydrogen will produce green hydrogen by using their electrolysers powered by their own rooftop 42 kW solar PV at Dunsfold Park, Surrey, UK. The aim of this project to create green hydrogen and oxygen gas production centres in the UK to promote self-sufficient energy system for heating of buildings, and the production of green hydrogen gas for the transport sector.

The estimated market size is £500 million/year in the UK and several billions/year in the world for this market. A relatively bigger and separate market exists for oxygen as well.

RE Hydrogen, Arcola Energy and BOC are creating the first renewable hydrogen energy supply chain in the UK,


Market 2: Gas compression and gas upgrade

RE Hydrogen’s novel compressors can be used in all of the markets related to hydrogen compression, storage and refuelling. This compressor will also used in traditional gas compressor markets for air, nitrogen, natural gas etc.

Biomethane to gas grid

The size of the fast growing biomethane market is potentially very significant in the scale of £100s of billions per year worldwide. As an example German government’s goal of expanding the share of biomethane from about 5 billion kWh at present to over 60 billion kWh by 2020, i.e. about £10 billion/year. Large energy supply companies e.g. E.On is active in the bio-methane and gas cleaning projects. RE Hydrogen’s compressor and gas cleaning technology will have unique advantages over its competitors in large scale biomethane upgrade projects. RE Hydrogen is discussing field trial of large scale bio-methane upgrade projects with potential customers.

 Bio-CHP and Bio-CNG fuel

The raw biogas contains around 50-65% methane, 40%-50% CO2 and some H2S, which can not be used for power generation by conventional low cost gensets due to low methane content and due to the presence of H2S apart from only burning as a cooking fuel or for heating. However RE Hydrogen can upgrade this raw biogas up to 99% pure methane which then enables to use cheap conventional gas generators running on natural gas thus opening up a whole new market opportunities for small to large scale Bio-CHP projects. The upgraded biogas can also be used as transport fuel in CNG cars.

Market 3: Smart grid & energy storage

Intermittent wind energy will increase the gap between electricity demand and supply. Due to grid constraint sometimes a large amount of excess electricity from wind farms cannot be exported thus curtailing their output. Wind farms are then compensated for their loss of generation.

This excess electricity can be converted into hydrogen gas as transport fuel and energy storage or mixed with natural gas and biogas for combustion in gas turbines

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK estimated that for 20GW wind power up to 4.7- 8.1% energy could be termed as surplus energy. They also estimated that up to 22 – 29% energy could be termed as surplus for 30GW wind turbine and up to enourmous 39-43% energy could be surplus for 40GW wind turbines.

RE Hydrogen has two breakthrough products to exploit this significant commercial opportunity.

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