The biomethane is commonly used in many countries as fuel for tractors, cars, CHP (combined heat and power), for cooking, grain drying, space and water heating. The farmers use their waste to produce raw-biogas using the anaerobic digestion process.  RE Hydrogen is offering an ultra-compact, advanced gas upgrading system to purify the raw-biogas to produce pure biomethane. The system works on its own by using the principles of plug and play. The farms can become self-reliant to meet their own energy needs more efficiently. They can generate additional revenues from this refuelling system for localised tractors, forklift trucks for warehouses, vans, and cars. The by-product CO2 could be used in Poly-tunnels or green houses for enhanced crops production.

This Biomethane production unit is fully containerised, quiet, safe, and scalable to meet greater flow rate. RE Hydrogen’s smallest unit will produce 50-60 Nm3 per day of clean methane fuel. This can be used to travel 425 miles per day in standard CNG cars (e.g. Volkswagen, Mercedes,) saving £72/day (about £78,000 in 3 years). This can be used to generate heat up to 600 kWh/day (saving £60/day), or electricity up to 250 kWh/day (£25/day on electricity + heat with further savings of £25/day). The payback period of this total solution varies from 3-6 years and its expected life is about 20 years. This advanced system has a smart remote monitoring and data logging capability to facilitate better operational management, cutting edge capability for remote servicing and maintenance for the customers.