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Biogas upgrading to vehicle refuelling unit is available now with remote operation and control features

The biomethane is commonly used in many countries as fuel for tractors, cars, CHP (combined heat and power), for cooking, grain drying, space and water heating. The farmers use their waste to produce raw-biogas using the anaerobic digestion process.  RE Hydrogen is offering an ultra-compact, advanced gas upgrading system to purify the raw-biogas to produce  Continue Reading »

Posted on: June 8, 2014

RE Hydrogen has been granted a patent on their electrolyser

RE Hydrogen has received a core patent granted on their electrolyser for the production of hydrogen and oxygen gas from water. RE Hydrogen has targeted one of the major challenges, i.e. the production of low cost hydrogen. The conventional and costly electrolysers suffer from rapid degradation due to the fluctuating operation by intermittent and variable  Continue Reading »

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