High Efficiency, Low Cost Solutions

RE Hydrogen (REH) was formed in 2009 to develop simple products in the area of gas cleaning, gas compression and hydrogen production. These innovative products will enable better energy storage, transport fuel and smart grid applications. REH have established partnership with many large companies. The company has an efficient management team to exploit the technology commercially.

RE Hydrogen produce their products by assembly of parts 100% sourced from the market to improve the operational efficiency without the need of any heavy equipment or machinery. The barriers to entry for REH products are very low due to their lower capital cost, high efficiency, and low cost of ownership, supported by a vast existing market for their products. RE Hydrogen has several large business partners for commercialisation and route to market of their products. RE Hydrogen has delivered their Biogas Upgrading and refueller for vehicle refuelling to their customer.  They currently have several large on going projects.

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